Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Failure of Youth Ministry

I was reminded today of a great article called "The Failure of Youth Ministry" that I first read several years ago. I think it gets to the heart of this blog's purpose. It's written by Mike Yaconelli, a pioneer in youth ministry and founder of Youth Specialties, the most trusted name in youth ministry.


Scott Williams said...

"What is the most important function of youth ministry?

A) Introducing young people to Jesus
B) Providing healthy activities
C) Involving young people in service
D) Abstinence pledges
E) Good theological training
F) Worship

Answer: None of the above.

The most important function of youth ministry is longevity. Long-term discipleship. "

The same answer applies to all of the church, but seems to be a rarity in the modern day church. Our youth ministries are often a reflection of our adult minitries with different types of activites, but same results.

Dave said...

Interesting. I was talking to a young woman who I supervise at work. She is a volunteer youth worker at a church that is very big. They have divided the youth up in age groups, and she works with a handful of freshman girls. The idea is to have her develop relationships with these girls now, with the hope that it (the relationship) will last thru high school.

It was interesting however...she said she meets with these girls several times a week, etc...which is great. But, when I asked if she ever meets with the parents, she said no, they are not a part of this model.

Please know she is a very dedicated worker and I don't want to put her in any negative light.

The negative light I will shine is that parents--or even non-youth worker mentors--are not part of the picture. I just don't understand how that could possibly work---i.e., foster any kind of long term disciple.

Terrace Crawford said...

I love me some Yaconelli. Miss that guy! Thanks for your blog bro. You are really blogging some great stuff for all of us in YM to wrestle with.