Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anonymous Comments Welcome

A kind blog reader informed me that this blog didn't allow for anonymous comments. Sorry about that. It's fixed now. You don't need a blogger account to join the conversation.


andy said...

yeyah! glad you got the email, thanks for making the change for us non blogspot folks.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you. I appreciate and enjoy what you're doing with this blog. I was wondering though, and stop me if I'm intruding beyond a comments allowance, but I'm doing a seminar on exactly your blog's intention and I would be more than thankful if you could point me to some credible resources. You can reach me at

God Bless

Terrace Crawford said...

Love it! I think COMMENTING is one of the neatest things about blogging. Leaders who don't allow commenting should reconsider. The interactiveness is what makes me enjoy blogging so much.