Friday, April 18, 2008

A Diversion

Jesus and I have at least one thing in common. Our father's were both carpenters. We know that Jesus himself was a carpenter because thousands of Christian bumper stickers can't be wrong and the "really tall table" scene with Mary from "The Passion of the Christ."

After an unfortunate meeting with a hammer about a month ago (I hit the wrong nail), here's what I wanna know. Did Jesus ever do this to his thumb?

And if so, do you suppose he healed it on the spot? All God and all human. But just how human was he?


Scott Williams said...

I never swing the hammer that hard. I'm usually not that confident that what I'm doing is right.

jeremy zach said...

i think Jesus' hammer aim was dead on all of the time.

Brett Stuvland said...

I think he did that for sure. He had a human mind, he spoke the languages of the time (Aramaic, Hebrew, probably a little Greek). The gospels tell us that even the Son doesn't know when the end will be, only the Father knows. He had to work to learn how to be a carpenter, he had to work at understanding the Scriptures, language, etc... If I can improperly use a hammer, then so can Jesus. That's what the Incarnation means.